About Pierrepont

Pierrepont School is a small, independent, co-educational elementary and high school based in Westport, Connecticut.

Founded in 1999, Pierrepont School moved into its current building on Sylvan Road in the fall of 2002. The school enrolls students from Kindergarten through high school.

Pierrepont School currently consists of 152 students in grades K–12, and 50 full- and part-time teachers, offering a student-to-faculty ratio of around 3:1. Classes, therefore, are small, and student schedules are individualized. Senior faculty members typically have post-graduate degrees from leading universities and are professionally active in their fields. The school seeks and supports teachers who bring into the classroom the same passion and rigor which they bring to the study of their own discipline. Learn more about our: Faculty.

Pierrepont seeks students who are academically motivated, engaged, and students who can participate successfully in a demanding curriculum. Chronological age serves as a tentative guide for placement that is answerable to the diverse range of academic skills, needs, and maturity among children. The schedule allows for individualized placement as students are departmentalized from the earliest ages. As a result, even the youngest students have classes with teachers who are specialists in their disciplines, although they also spend significant time in a homeroom under the care of home-base teachers.

Starting at five years old, students are fully departmentalized and have a schedule that consists of English, history, math, science, and the first of a four year grammar/reading sequence that prepares the students to study foreign language. In the final year of the grammar sequence, students are offered the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese. Once the students have completed the grammar sequence, they begin the formal study of Latin. After one year of Latin, ancient Greek is available as an elective. In addition, all students have classes in art, music, dance, and theater twice a week.

Pierrepont School does not give traditional letter or number grades, nor does it assign class rank or GPA. Parents receive written assessments of their child’s progress three times a year. The school hosts sessions for parent-teacher conferences twice a year.

Pierrepont School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational programs, admission policies, financial aid policies, or any other school-administered programs.